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Tommy Cardwell

Tommy Cardwell



My name is Thomas Cardwell and I’m Powerlifting Coach and Personal Trainer here at Aaron’s Gym.

So why choose me to help you towards your goals? One simple word…..Passion. From first setting eyes on my favourite superhero’s on tv as a kid, to getting my first weights set at 14 years old, and then finally making the step at age 16 to obtain my first gym membership….something has always pulled me towards seeking out the goal of becoming extraordinary. Standing out from the crowd and achieving something 99% of people couldn’t. It is my goal to help others along in their own journey to become part of that 1%.

With 18 years of weight training experience (6 years of which have been spent Personal Training and Coaching clients of all levels from beginner to advanced) multiple national titles and records in the sport of powerlifting, and countless hours spent researching training techniques and nutrition, I am in a position to pass on a wealth of knowledge to those who wish to take their training and physique/figure to the next level. To empower those who wish to step up and achieve something they previously thought impossible.

I challenge you to consider where you are currently at and what your goals are. How far beyond that could you go? Believe me when I say that the limits of what we can achieve are far beyond what the majority of people think. You are capable of whatever the mind decides it can achieve. Allow me to assist in unlocking your true potential……..Become that 1%.

I provide guidance in the following areas:

Muscle Building

Fat Loss

Strength Gain

Powerlifting Coaching and Programming

Movement and lifting technique analysis

Please feel free to contact me through Aaron’s Gym or directly through my own Facebook page or email address: