Shane Mulgrew

Shane Mulgrew

PT & Class Instructor

Name: Shane Mulgrew

Owner of CC23 Fitness and Cali-Kids Fitness. A coach and practitioner of Calisthenics, which is bodyweight, gymnastic style movements designed to develop muscular tone and promote physical well being. On top of all this Shane has constantly undertaken to further develop himself as a coach and personal trainer by investing in training and education within the industry including Youth coaching, Crossfit and Body sculpting to name a few. Shane’s training varies according to each client but unique in his own style from Weight Loss to muscle gain or performance related. Shane’s fitness classes are energetic, full of atmosphere and fun for all. Shane understands the importance of keeping your training interesting and challenging, He’s here to help you on your fitness journey with tailored training specific to your needs, working with everyone from top athletes to stay at home mums. Get in touch now to book in with Shane as slots are limited.


N.Ireland Youth International. Invited trials with several English Premier League Football Clubs including Manchester City and Aston Villa etc. Current Semi-Pro footballer. Competitive GAA footballer. Crossfit Athlete. Former Amateur Boxer and all round Sports and Fitness enthusiast.


  1. Speed Development & Conditioning for Team sport athletes
  2. Speed & Plyometrics Certification
  3. Level 2 Diploma in Health, Fitness & Exercise Instructing 
  4. Fitness Specialist Certified
  5. First Aid Certified 
  6. Gym/ Studio Personal & Group Training
  7. Specialising in Calisthenic/ Bodyweight Training
  8. Body Sculpting and Transformations
  9. Child Protection Certification 
  10. 10.Weight Loss & Weight Gain 
  11. Online Diet and Performance programming
  12. 12.Owner of CC23 Fitness “Calisthenics & Conditioning”
  13. 13.Owner of Cali-Kids Fitness
  14. 14.Owner of Cali-FiiT Bootcamp