Dermot Quinn

Dermot Quinn


education: Sports science graduate, First Aid Certified
, Level 2 Core Stabilisation 

Growing up in a small Rural village I found myself always outdoors and playing sports, if it was not football it was building tree houses playing hide and seek or camping out.
I was never one for sitting in doors playing game consoles or watching T.V.

At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with spina bifida and was told by a doctor that I could be in need of a wheel chair in my early 20’s. I immediately started physio and learned some strengthening exercises. From there I started my journey of weight training. My lower back has rarely been an issue since.

At the age of 19 I had my first body building competion and won 1st place winning the title of MR N.Ireland. 
The following year I competed again and placed 2nd and was given the chance to represent Ireland in Brazil at world championships. During these years I took an interest in martial arts and have studied it since. I also have a national pool life guard certification and frequently practice yoga.

I have meet some of the most decent people I know through this journey.

Time and time again I am reminded of the positive effect exercise can have on your physical and psychological well being.

I am passionate about using correct form, proper technique and injury prevention in an enjoyable environment.

There are many reasons why people choose to exercise. Whether you want to improve your sports performance, reduce health risks, or to look and feel great I can help you achieve your goals. 

If anyone reading this has any interest in joining my Team please feel free to contact me over face book or email me at

Take action when the idea is fresh and the emotion is strong💪

Have a great week folks and thanks for reading.