Ciaron Black

Ciaron Black

Ciaron Black


From my very first rep at 15/16 to my continued coaching career the number one “Why” for me has always been mindset and how the gym environment helps with mental health. It’s why I started and it’s why I continue to love every single day of coaching.

Everyone who lives and breathes has their problems with themselves, every person who steps into (or thinks about stepping into) a gym has a reason for it.

1.) We don’t feel good enough

2.) The mirrors in our house might scare us – we don’t like what we see

3.) The clothes aren’t fitting the way we want them to

That internal dialogue that just doesn’t seem to be on our side – Our ego. A good servant, bad master.

I coach because I genuinely love to see people close the gap between where they are now and where they REALLY want to be. It’s easy to think of a few surface level goals, for example, “I want to be down to the weight I was before Christmas 2015” but if I was to poke and prod at those reasons we’d soon find there’s an underlying reason. You want to feel GOOD about yourself for once, confident and not judging yourself by a number on a scale. That is what I strive for as a coach. 

From beginning the gym as your textbook anxious shy teen who didn’t have much more confidence than a bag of rice to becoming a coach with a vision: To try people out of the same pit I found myself in or at the very least ensure that everyone learns to cope better with how they feel through positive action.

Training is absolutely my go to medium for a better life. It could be yours too. It opens doors to a better you and I am continually absolutely humbled to share that journey with my tribe of clients as we grow together.