Allan Boyce

Allan Boyce

Gym Manager

phone: 07712 234667


My name is Allan and I am currently the manager of Aaron’s gym Cookstown. I am also a fully qualified personal trainer although that hasn’t always been the case. It has been a long and challenging journey which has led me here today.

My journey began as a young, shy, backward teenager with no sense of direction in life and without guidance I became troubled, rebellious and very lost in a big world.I grew up believing I would never amount to anything…no real talents or skills in life, and was a somewhat a very lost little soul.

I began to start using gyms with no real goal in mind..but no matter where I was I never really felt at home… I yearned to belong feel important… I found myself moving from gym to gym feeling quite intimidated and inadequate and secretly watching others desperate to pick up any hints and tips as to how I could improve myself, trying to mimic their training in the hope that some day I would look just like them.. I was seeking a role model to look up to, perhaps a cry for help in many ways.. Many years passed and with a little more experience I found myself competing in strong man competitions.. Once again to become like my peers…still trying to find a place like home. The real turning point in my life was when I joined the Aaron’s Gym team, again with no clear goals or expectation.But I quickly realised it was different to other gyms, it was personal, people seemed to care, to take time with you and I started to feel something I’d never felt before, peace and contentment, a sense of belonging. Under Aaron’s wing himself I was gently encouraged to set new goals, find my passion and before I knew it I was entering my first bodybuilding competition, with many more to come, winning 1sts and finally starting to feel pride within emotion alien until now. I became more confident in myself and my ability and I found myself helping others within the gym environment, gently encouraging and again I felt that sense of pride, that contentment..i had finally found home!!

I developed a passion within myself.. A passion to help people, to be a mentor, to be a friend and so I made a scary decision to take it further and build a career… So I committed myself to complete my fitness qualification.I was terrified inside as new challenges arose, I wasn’t computer literate, and my confidence lacked however I pushed on. This was my passion.. Working during the day and then studying at night time.I had to do this. A short while into the course I became very unwell, physically floored and mentally drained I lost all motivation, where had my passion gone? why was I not fit to train?All my hope had diminished. The sickness snowballed rapidly and I found myself sitting on a consultants chair to be told I had in fact a cancer called CLL.. My world collapsed round me, I lost all hope and I bowed down to the illness, I let it take over me, no fight inside left, no hope in my heart.Then Aaron intervened, took me under his wing and helped me to find that fight inside once again.I slowly picked myself off the floor, fought hard to get my life find that passion within.. not just for myself, for my beautiful daughter Amies…my driving force.I started to see a turning point, less doctors appointments and finally I got back to completing my personal training qualifications..That led me to be offered a managers post by Aaron himself In the brand new sister gym in Cookstown.I had done it.! I had finally found home…

Now I have new goals.. My goal is to help others the way I craved for it.. To make my daughter proud, to build myself up to compete let her see that you never give up.To keep fighting this illness with hope in my heart and to never lose sight of my passion again.

Why should you choose me to be part of your journey? Aaron’s gym manager and personal trainer is not just a job for me.. Its in my very core, my heart, my soul… Its my family.. A place to call home.. it saved my life both mentally and physically.. It has brought me from sickness into health and I would like the opportunity to share that with you.To help you find your passion, your driving force. I want to be that role model I never had, that mentor, that gentle encourager.That person who tells you you to keep trying, that you will succeed.I am proof that no matter how slow you step or how off the rails you may wander that you can find your way back, with the right help and support you can achieve anything..I want to remind you you can do anything… anything you put your mind to!!!!!I will see you not only as a client but as a friend.I want you to find the confidence I never had within the gym, to feel that sense of peace, to find your home,not to find your best friend but to be your best friend! I want you to see that a gym is not to be feared, there may be others further on their journey than you are, but they also had to find their home once upon a time.They also started by finding that courage to step outside their comfort zone.I would be honoured to be part of your journey..your daily reminder that you are more capable than you could ever imagine, and that is why I am a personal trainer..I made it and you can too!!!! ❤️