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Working together in schools - Aarons Gym

Aaron’s Gym Northern Ireland was formed in 2012 by Aaron McGonigle in the town of Magherafelt, with a vision of supporting and encouraging local athletes while maintaining an average Joe’s type gym where everyone was welcome, no matter what their ability. 

As the years progressed and the vision became a reality with athletes and athlete teams recognised nationally and internationally, the vision evolved with the rebranding of the AG slogan in 2018 to “Nurturing Body and Mind”. During this time Aaron’s Gym opened their second location in Cookstown, Co Tyrone.

Aaron’s Gym continues to grow from strength to strength in our endeavour as global leaders who aim to combine the trilogy of physical, mental & emotional well-being.

In 2019 Aaron formed sister centre Energy Mind and Body. EMB is a self-funded community support network that’s ethos are based in giving back to the community. EMB regularly gives out free services to those who may find themselves in hard times financially. EMBs primary focus is around community support, mindset and personal empowerment. Just a few of the services that EMB offers include meditation, yoga, counselling, reflexology, sports massage and injury clinic, breathwork classes, stress management, room hire and various support groups for the local community.

Our dynamic & enthusiastic team currently offers a wide range of classes both during the day and in the evening, from childrens fitness classes to meditation.

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Great Community - Aarons Gym

Aaron’s Gym recognises the importance of helping nurture other local charitable organisations to grow & flourish, given the important role they also play with individuals and in the wider community.

We will endeavour to extend a hand of friendship to every individual and organisation, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with those who support our ethos to also get involved.

Aarons Gym is dedicated to encouraging local people to contribute to their community’s development and everyone’s desire to stay safe, healthy and to improve the quality of life for all.

Cookstown Gym

Cookstown Gym

A state of the art gym in the heart of Cookstown. Fitted with the latest equipment in a friendly environment.

Magherafelt Gym

Magherafelt Gym

Where it all began. Top quality equipment with a great atmosphere.